Climbing area Sphinx view

Position of the climbing area Sphinx view

The farm Sphinx is located southwest of the Chuos mountains and 65 km from Usakos and 130 km from Swakopmund next to the road 1914 in the Namib. The journey by car from Usakos is no problem. From Swakopmund the road is, because of increased traffic from foreign mining companies in the Namib-Naukluft Park, very worn out.
In addition, the boundary fence of the park must be overcome and the gate is usually closed. One needs to aske the farm owners to pass.

Night's lodging, camping, safety

The Kleemanns have two lonely, in the middle of the Namib situated farmhouses, with beds for self-catering use. Even larger groups are welcome. Fridge, hot and cold water are available. On the main farm there are 5 double rooms, swimming pool, an open lapa, bar and of course best "Südwester" kitchen. Who wants to know more about the history of Namibia is with the Kleemann family, who farm in the third generation in Southwest Africa, at the right place.

Doris & Günther Kleemann
PO Box 249
9000 Swakopmund/Namibia

Tel.: +264 (0)64 530809 Mobile: +264 (0) 81 1244088

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General development and history

Over the territory of today's farm "Sphinx view", the first narrow gauge railway from Swakopmund to Windhoek was built from 1898-1901. The station "Sphinx", so named because of the similarity of the remote Sfinkskoppe with an Egyptian Sphinx, was, about 15 km from the present farm house, many relics of that time and the embankment are still visible today. There was also a copper mine from the German time in the area adjacent to the Chuos mountains. Heavy fighting between by the German troops and from Swakopmund advancing British in 1915. A visit to the virtually untouched, for nearly 100 years, the so-called battlefield. 'Railway Gate' and Jakalswater delivers a lasting impression of this turbulent time.

Today's Farm "Sphinx view" has a size of 55,000 ha and was formed from the merger of seven former farms at the Namib Rand and belongs to Doris and Guenther Kleemann. The owners succeeded, here on the edge of the Namib to create a unique natural paradise. On the farm live Giraffe, Oryx, Kudu, Springbok, Wildebeest, Hartmann's mountain zebras, leopard and cheetah, to name just a few. In addition, Kleemanns are big horse lovers, horse rides are available, farm tours can be booked and hunters are welcome. Hiking from sunrise to sunset, without leaving the farm, is a special attraction of this lonely and deserted area.

Mountaineering Development

Sphinx view climbing area is a very young; only in 2003 mountain climbers started getting interested in the neighborhood. However, it was stationed for military reasons to defend the country at the 1285 m high "Sfinkskoppe". In 1915 a German signal post was established. The "Sfinkskoppe" is currently the only climbing destination on the farm, both here and at the nearby "Zebra Mountains," is a lot of potential for first ascents. The rock is a conglomerate of relatively fixed feldspar granite, traversed by extremely hard quartzite veins. A helmet and a good sized wedge range is appropriate.

Sfinkskoppe 1285m 45m of high sales in the "West Ridge".

Alter Weg 10; probably members of the Imperial army, before 1915 - East Ridge to the summit

Bei Isis u. Osiris 18; Volker Müller u. Hasso Gantze, 09/04/03 – Friends 2-4, wedges and slings. - In the south wall left from the cave wall to stand at over 4 BH (45m). Wall, keep right on 8 BH on to second over Stand in recess (45). 8m right cross, wall-to-tape and sloping chute to the summit (35m).

Kleopatra 19; Hasso Gantze, V. Müller, H. Müller, 27/04/03 – Friends 0.5 to 4, 1-5 wedges and slings. - 15m to the left of "Isis and Osiris in" Wall past 6 BH to the stand (50). Wall, following the crack track, pass 6 hooks then past two small overhangs to 2 Stand (50). Wall to the summit (50m).

Westgrat 12; Hans Müller, H. Gantze, V. Müller, 04/10/03 – Left of the west ridge (Steinmann) wall and gutter to high breaks (40m, down mount hooks). Ascending to the right and craggy peaks