Hiking area Etusis

Otjipatera sunrise - photographer D.Reimann

Location of the hiking area Etusis

The game reserve Etusis starts about 12 km from the town Karibib, along the sandy road C 32 The journey by car is also no problem. The lodge is reached by turning right about 18 km south of Karibib on the road 1954 However the campsite is on the left hand side and on the farm Habis, about 200 meters away from the main road, where one is admitted. Both the access road to the lodge as well as to the campsite is well marked and clear. In any case, you should register with the Lodge prior to arrival.

Overnight, Camping, Security

The lodge consists of 7 bungalows and 5 luxury tents. Some of them are equipped with en-suite bathrooms. In addition, the former farmhouse is rented to groups. Swimming pool, bar, etc. are available. Owner is the couple Ledermann, who travel between Germany, Iceland and Namibia. The complex is management by the married couple
Monika & Herbert Lauenroth
Farm Etusis No 75
Postfach 5

Tel.: +264 (0) 64 550826
Fax: +264 (0) 64 684056

General development and history

Etusis game reserve consists of three farms: Etusis, Neikhous and Habis. The farm Etusis is named after a waterfall located on the farm - of course only in the rainy season. "Fall", in German means "the place where you can dive deep".

Running Etusis Waterfall - photographer D. Reimann
Running Etusis Waterfall

The current owners acquired the territory in 1993 because they wanted to do something to protect the then highly endangered Hartmann's Mountain Zebra. From this time dates the foundation "Etusis Foundation for the Protection of the Hartmann's Mountain Zebra". The whole area has a size of over 21,000 hectares and is mostly mountainous.

Over the territories of Etusis and Habis, the first narrow gauge railway from Swakopmund to Windhoek was built from 1898-1901. Remains of the embankment, the bridges and the railway station "Habis" with the grave of slain signalman by the Herero can be found there.

The various owners have built over time 12 different large dams providing accessible water for the abundant wildlife. About 100 Km "pads" (roads) developed the land. Similarly, there are a variety of well-described hiking trails for short tours to over 50 Km long distances with overnight huts, each located at floodlit waterholes to watch the animals.
In addition, horse riding and carriage tours are offered. The Ledermanns are great lovers of horses and breed the endangered African race of the Basotho horse on the farms Dornhügel and Rothof in northeastern Namibia. At the same time they breed with one of the oldest breed of cattle in Namibia: the N'Guni beef. Since it is a registered wildlife sanctuary, no hunting takes place. Like almost everywhere in Namibia, the sunrises and sunsets are extremely charming.

The area offers one of the highest mountain ranges in Namibia. The mountain range "Otjipatera" is situated in the middle of the farm and is almost 2,000 meters high. Moreover, the white marble hills, one of the largest marble areas on earth are in the Reserve. The Etusis massif consists of the red-lit Etusis quartzite. It is an island of mountains, which have shifted against the marble mountains.
The area is extremely rich in minerals and today marble is still mined. Everywhere there are signs of abandoned copper, gold, mica and tourmaline mines.

Prior to 1993, sheep (Karakul) and cattle breeding were the main income on the farm. The German-born owner, father Edmund and son Erhard Kruger have farmed 60 years on Etusis. The grave of Edmund Krueger is on one of the marble hills.

Mountaineering Development

At the Etusis waterfall a route exists. This route "ETOS" opened up in June 1999 by Eckhardt Haber in partnership with Ian Walker.
Material: Wedges, Hexentrics, Friends
Starting point: on the left about the first third of the wall.
1. 30m (16): steps the wall up, then cross over to the right below a vertical crack (stand).
2. 25m (16): up the chink to the exit.
Decent spot (abseil): 5m to the left.

ETOS 16; E.Haber, I.Walker - photographer: unknown
ETOS 16, E. Haber, I. Walker

In the marble walls are also a few easy tours (friction climbing, right side 14 ..left side .. 18) available, suitable for an quick evening climb just before sunset.

The Etusis Marble Walls - photographer D. Reimann  Otjipatera East Summit - photographer D. Reimann
Etusis Marble Walls and the eastern peak of the Otjipatera with ascent route (red) and decent spot (green)

--> Marble walls (german description)
--> Otjipatera East Summit (german description)

The Etusis massif is often mounted by mountain hikers - a day trip to the Otjipatera main peak, is recommended mainly in the "Cold time" (winter). On the smaller, freestanding east summit there is a climbing Route 16 (first climbed by Gerhard Thomas, Detlev Reimann). It is a "clean" route and has to be secured completely.

Otherwise many groups of geologists come to Etusis, since the field is very interesting in this respect.