Climbing area Tiras Mountains

Tiras Mountains - photographer Detlev Reimann

The position of the climbing area

The climbing area is located on the farm (ranch) Koiimasis in the heart of the Tiras Mountains in the Namib Rand and is accessible from the road D707, about 2 hours from the town Aus in northwesterly direction. The next gas station and a shop can be found in Helmeringhausen. The ranch Koiimasis is part of a private nature reserve, the Tiras Mountain Conservancy. The area is very rich in wildlife, Oryx, Springbok, Ostriches, Eagles and Leopards in the mountains!

Night's lodging, camping, safety

Koiimasis means in the language of the San "meeting place", the farm is about 18 500 ha in size.

Map of the farm Koiimasis
Map of the farm Koiimasis

Owners are the German farmers Anke and Wulff Izko. The campground is located in the rocks and is truly one of the most beautiful places in Namibia. Everything is designed with love and for years in perfect order! Showers and toilets are integrated beautifully into the rocky landscape. In the immediate vicinity of camping places there are beautiful chalets, a swimming pool and the restaurant "Hard Rock Hotel". Family Izko are breeding ostriches, aviary birds, cattle, and has its own equestrian park. Here you can also replenish the supply of beer, tasty meat (marinated a la Anke) and buy firewood. It can become very cold on Koiimasis, with freezing temperatures. The area already belongs to the winter rainfall area. So do not forget firewood!

Registration required!

Ranch Koiimasis
Wulff & Anke Izko
P.O.Box 14

Tel.: +264 (0)63 683052
Fax.: +264 (0)63 683052

Farm Koiimasis - photographer Detlev Reimann
Farm Koiimasis

The northern campground on Koiimasis - photographer Detlev Reimann
The northern campground on Koiimasis

Farm Koiimasis in the evenings - photographer Detlev Reimann
Farm Koiimasis in the evenings

Sunrise on Koiimasis - photographer Detlev Reimann
Sunrise on Koiimasis

Mountaineering Development

On Koiimasis you can find the best and hardest granite all over Namibia, to climb. That alone is worth the visit. The area is very lonely and one of the most spectacular landscapes of Namibia. The sunsets here are a memorable experience.
The climbing sport development began only in 2001 / 2, in a very short time, several freestanding rock towers and routes opened up. The rock is mainly divided vertically and offers a serious crack and chimney climbing. That's not for the pure sport climber, but for the fantastic mountain and nature lovers. Most of the climbs are located above the chalets, about 20 minutes from the campsite. All rock towers are equipped with summit books and have down mount facilities. Currently, more than 30 climbing routes up to the difficulty of 21 (UIAA VII) are available. A well-stocked supply of wedges and friends should be carried along. Where necessary, bolts were placed.

The Alte Weg at the Schloß - photographer Hasso Gantze
The "Alte Weg" at the "Schloß" (The "Old Way" at the "castle")(16)